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Welcome to Looking Up with Jerry and Ron


This is where you'll find friendly people who offer intelligent, truthful and thoughtful insights to life's most important issues: God, family, attitude, economics and politics. Join us in this whirlwind journey of joy on planet Earth.

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Positive Thinking! Read to begin? Start here. What about positive thinking? Learn it here!


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I'm pleased to announce the publication of my new book, Key to Biblical Doctrine. It is just what the title implies, a rule that unlocks all Bible doctrine and it's so simple that even a child can understand it. That's the first five chapters. Then I take that very rule and apply it to a subject dividing the church today: homosexuality.

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What's It All About?

Jerry and Ron, with Tyler

In my heart I am convinced that the condition of one's life is the result of 95% attitude and 5% circumstance. But that may be underestimating the power of attitude. It could be that 99% of your life's condition is the result of your attitude.

Do you want to be happy? Wise? Wealthy? Fulfilled? Love life? Laugh? We all choose what we receive in life. If you don't like your life, then you made wrong choices in your life. This web site tells you about it. Read on.

This site is dedicated to the most important things in our lives:

  • Religion - that is, God. Spiritual instruction and growth.
  • Politics - what's going on?
  • Economics - why is this so important?
  • Ourselves - get to know us
  • Family - this is for our family's use and benefit, although you're welcome here, too.

I consider these five items - religion, politics, economics, family and ourselves - to be intertwined and unseperatable. I figure you're got to be interested in them too, because what else in life is there?

I wish you good reading and good thinking while you are here.

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Jerry and Ron, with Tyler Since 1973

Meet Jerry and Ron

Hi, my name is Jerry (on the left). I'm the one maintaining this site, although it is for both Ron and me. Ron is my partner. I'm the computer one and he's the lovable one.

Oh yes, and you can contact us, too.