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Key to Biblical Doctine

Book Cover for Key to Biblical Doctrine

As the author, I'd like to introduce this new book, Key to Biblical Doctrine, which will be of interest to you.

The Bible is a big book, with history, stories and laws handed down from God. But what is the central theme of the Bible? If we miss everything else, what is the one concept, the One Rule that God wants us to know and do above all others? And is this rule simple enough for children as well as adults?

How would this One Rule affect todayís Christians? At one time, slavery was a subject of heated debate in churches, with Christians taking both sides of the argument. Today only one side prevails: slavery is against Godís will for humanity. But that was then. What about today? What issue is dividing todayís church? It is homosexuality. How does Godís central theme, His One Rule, apply to homosexuality in the church today?

Picture of Jerry Brown on back cover

Although dealing with ancient Hebrew and Greek terms, expressions and words, Key to Biblical Doctrine is written not for theologians but in simple English for people like you and me.

This book is a must-read for gay Christians, their families and even their ministers. Families are needlessly divided, and this scholarly work addresses the very issue that causes stress and heartbreak within the family of God.

Key to Biblical Doctrine is available online at Barnes & Noble and, and also at various Christian Bookstores.

Jerald L. Brown, Author